Wednesday, December 05, 2012

december blues

Evidently I have been neglecting my blog (thanks for the nudge, Amanda!)

I'm in a bit of a funk right now, just finished a crazy month of work and feeling a little lonely. I really ought not to feel lonely, I'm out most nights of the week with friends that I love and who love me, but it's this stupid website, facebook. Every time I go on FB I'm confronted with people who are in love, having babies, buying houses, excelling in their careers, traveling to faraway places and satan really uses their successes to get me discouraged. Like tonight.

He's not going to win though ... I know I have an amazing support system and I'm off to do my Bible reading for tonight.

And just for fun, here's a picture of part of our skydiving group on October 6. This was our second attempt and we still haven't jumped, having a little trouble with the weather not cooperating.
L-R Megan Hultink (who didn't get the "act scared" memo), me, 
Kim Hultink, Jenn Werkema and Janna DeJong


  1. Glad to see another post :D
    Love you, and praying for you <3 May you find amazing comfort in God and His timing for things in life (I am one to talk.. I struggle so much with the the things you mentioned above, and that is WITHOUT FB, so I know seeing all that on FB probs makes it even harder!)
    Thanks for being an encouragement to me of always seeking God and being an amazing big sis.

  2. Dearest friend,

    I love your authenticity. Have I told you that lately? Your openness to exposing your vulnerability and insecurity and fear and inner turmoil in the form of a public blog is such a balm for those who are too afraid to make themselves so transparent. Your revelation is an encouragement to others who feel the same but are unable or unwilling to express their personal emotional journey. I imagine that in many ways this blog serves as therapy for you as well - to unveil your soul, allowing people to feel what you feel and have them respond in encouragement and heaps of love to help heal the brokenness. The battle for contentment is always ongoing, isn't it? When you are blessed with a loving family and friends, the desire is to be married, and then to have children, and then to travel or have the latest gadget or vehicle or outfit or fill-in-the-blank. The struggle for every person is to be truly content with what we have been given and in turn use what we have been given to glorify God. A co-worker and I give each other a high-five every day and cheer loudly in the hallway - "God is good! All the time!" to help remind us that when we're facing a frustration at work or a frustration that maybe carried over from something that happened at home, that God's name is to be praised all the time for His unending GOODNESS to us, even when we are too focused on ourselves to notice it. I pray that today you may be able to see His goodness in your life and if you ever need a hug/high-five/fist-pump cheer, I'm there for you! :) Love you, darling! :)

  3. dear niki,
    A POST! haha. i know you're a busy lady, so i'm very stoked that you posted this. (i also know that you posted it a week+ ago, and i'm finally replying... i guess i'm a busy lady too? hm.) i just wanted to let you know that i don't often use the word "epic", but that is how i would choose to describe your expression in this photo.

    and kim is right (i didn't read her comment, but the phrase "God is good! All the time!" stood out to me) - God *is* good, always. i guess sometimes we all need that reminder, whatever we're faced with and it's good to know that others need that reminder too.

    anyway. one of these days i might post a post, too!

    have yourself a charming evening. on my to-do list is laundry & a mug of tea. we'll see. :)

    love you lots!