Here is a random collection of statements said to my boyfriend and I, and our friends during courtship.
  1. "He'll be your fiancé one day. I can predict these things."
  2. "You mean you're not engaged? Oh, I thought you were further along."
  3. "Do you know how to conjugate (meant consummate) a marriage?"
  4. Upon meeting someone's significant other for the first time, and said to their daughter: "Meet (name)'s future husband"
  5. Before so much as a 'hello', "have you kissed yet?"
  6. "You should go to the parking lot behind the Hamilton airport, it's a great place to make out"
  7. "It's best to get married before the fire of your loins get out of control."
  8. "Have you set a date/when are you getting married?"
  9. "When are you going to start having babies?"
  10. "How do you feel that your younger sister got married before you?"
  11. "Don't let him get away, he's a good catch!" (we'd been dating for a week and the man had never talked to my b/f)
  12. "You're from Hamilton?" (turns to my boyfriend) "what's with you and girls from Hamilton?" (yes, his last girlfriend was from there...)
  13. "You're not Dutch? Oh ... well ... that's okay! We need fresh blood."
  14. "I hear wedding bells are coming soon."
  15. "Isn't love grand? Oh you two are so much in love!" (before the couple had actually said 'I love you')
  16. "It's about time you got engaged, I thought you were just going to waste her time." (no, this is not us! We are not engaged, so you can stop with the rumours) ;)
  17. "What do you mean you're not quitting school? You're making him wait!"
  18. "Haven't you guys been dating long enough...?"
  19. "it'll be so nice for him when you guys get married" (I like to think we'd both be happy, lol)
  20. "you're not too young, you know"
  21. "so when you guys get married are you having kids right away? have you talked about birth control?"


  1. In every stage of life that a person comes to, and before and after you get there, it is always a GREAT idea to put yourself in the other person's shoes before opening your mouth. If you can't put yourself there, then showing support and interest in the individual is a good place to start. We all make mistakes with our words, and have to pray for the insight from God above to help us understand others who have VERY different life positions than ourselves.
    In the meantime being a great supportive friend to all of the people God has placed in our lives in a closer relationship is a good place to start.
    All the best Niki:)

    1. Thanks Kim, that is such great advice. I appreciate your friendship!

  2. Really people actually say these things. Wow, I mean some of them are hilarious. Some just plain rude. Niki I just pray/hope that if I offend you, you let me know. Hope to see you both soon! Robin

    1. No worries, you have not offended me! It is pretty crazy the things that people say though. Takes quite a bit to bug me, this was more for the humour factor than anything else. We hope to visit soon!

  3. LOL! I love it, so awkward....
    The funny thing is that once you're on the other side of things it's difficult to refrain from saying some of those things. (Some of those are just completely out there though...) Sort of like how it's easy to start setting up your single friends once you get a significant other. :)
    I hope I haven't been (too) offensive!

    1. Suzanne, SO true - especially the setting up your single friends bit! ;)

  4. Really sorry about #2. My bad Nikki - should really pay more attention - and maybe think a bit more too before discussing these things...

    1. it makes me laugh. Seriously. To anonymous: not 100% sure who it is, but I really found it funny, promise. But yes, it's important to guard our words - we never know how me unintentionally hurt someone (I wasn't, don't worry). :)