Sunday, November 06, 2011


For the second year in a row, I took part in the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon Weekend - doing the 5km run/walk. Since I hadn't trained AT ALL for this, I chose instead to walk the 5km. My friend Rebekah and her coworker, Allison, were both doing the 5km as well as the kids they coach in track at CCS were doing it. Since Allison was also doing the half-marathon the next day, they decided they were going to walk, so I chose to join them. Only, they're ACTUALLY runners and we started out 'running' (it was more like bouncing, since there were so many people you couldn't full out run...thankfully). We decided, about 1km in, to instead speed-walk, and much to my dismay :), we were moving faster than when we 'bounced'. They definitely pushed me and for most of the run/walk/bounce, I was about a pace or two behind them. At the end, we sprinted the last 50 or 100m and Allison finished one second ahead with Bek and I coming in at 46:18. Considering we weren't actually running and I hadn't trained, I was quite happy with our result.

You can view my puffy red face by clicking here and typing in '644' in the participant number search box.

My legs were a little tight this morning, but for the most part, I did pretty good. Perhaps I'll actually train for next year.


  1. Good job!!! Pat yourself on the back!
    PS Love the pics - I've never seen a website like that. Cool!

  2. so proud of you, phliks! i've always wanted to do that race but i've never had a chance. there's a "try-a-tri" out here, but it's on a sunday always... so too bad! but good for you! and i see now you've met allison as well... not that i know her well at all, but i at least know who she is... :)

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