Thursday, November 03, 2011


Computers are a way of life nowadays. It may just so happen that one day we'll think back on computers as antiquated machines...but that hardly seems possible (I'm sure that's what people in the 19th Century would've said too).

Today I was at work, very diligently working away on a big project when I had too many Excel files open and clicked the ominous 'x' to close a file I thought I was done with. I should've looked at the file name and realized that this file hadn't yet been saved. 3 hours of work, poof. Gone. Vanished.

I cried. I've been having a hard couple of days lately and that just topped it - I deleted my hard work and there was an hour left in the day and deadlines were looming.

So I cried and re-created my masterpiece - much quicker now that I had done a lot of it already, and had (thankfully!) printed a hard copy from which to work from to fill in the data entry, instead of having to switch between screens every couple seconds. So, that was a bonus.

Lesson learned: SAVE YOUR WORK. or move to the middle of nowhere (although I have a feeling you still won't be able to escape computers or technology, they seem to follow everywhere!)


  1. Didn't a lot of programs used to periodically automatically "save"?? I was thinking about this the other day - like a pop-up that asks you if you'd like to save...hmmm, it should be an option. I totally understand the lost work. Ugh. Glad it worked out.

  2. I had it once in highschool that I was nearly done an 8 page paper and hadn't saved for a while since I was really into the writing process when my computer CRASHED and lost the whole thing! It's an awful, awful feeling, to be sure!