Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So much to say, so little time

I have had oodles of blog posts running through my head, but I just don't sit down to write them out ... and then I think I did because I went into such detail in my head; but then I look at my blog online and realize - nope, nothing there!

Upcoming blog posts:

  • a look back: 28 years old and my 6th anniversary (of calling Hamilton 'home')

  • 365-day challenge update

  • Courageous, the movie

  • living a fulfilling life

But right now, I'm just checking in. I've got a few minutes until my lunch break and I just needed to blow off some steam and also reflect.

Last night was an incredible encouragement, 27 friends showed up to show me they loved me and celebrate my 6th anniversary. As I write that I realize how special that number is - there were a total of 28 of us, less than 1 week after my 28th birthday - one friend to represent each year gone by and myself for the year ahead...neat; then of course, the ever funny comparison that I'm the leading character from the movie '27 Dresses' (what's that my mom says, "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"? Perhaps there is truth in that statement...but that is for a future blog).

I'm very busy at work, I haven't seen the marbled grey of my desk in quite some time. Two weeks ago I tidied it up in the first time in what felt like 2 months, but the next day it was scattered again with invitations, calendars, meeting requests, blog postings, proposals, to-do lists, marketing materials, magazines, newspapers, envelopes, letterhead, contact lists, etc.

I just wanted to once again say hello to my poor, neglected readers. I do appreciate your comments. I'll try to get better at writing so you have something to read that's a little more recent.

Signing off ... going to enjoy a 'dang quesadilla'.

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