Wednesday, September 14, 2011

muffins, toddler love and a new friend

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time!

It started out a little shaky though ... we had an in-house event and so I was up at 6, out the door by 7, picking up muffins at 7:10 and at the office by 7:30 to set up for our first in a series of events over the next few months (10 in the next 4 months). The morning went well, all guests arrived on time (no no-shows, YAY!!) and all the details were remembered and my boss was very pleased with the event (she said so, multiple times!)

At the end of the event I went to clean up and was excited to see that there was a chocolate chip muffin left (I had just said to Lisa that if there was one, I was going to snag it, I'd been craving it all morning). I picked up the chocolate chip muffin, put it on a table and set it aside, then I took the remaining muffins and yogurts to the kitchen for the staff to eat. I came back, maybe 80 seconds after I'd left - and my muffin was GONE! I know it's irrational and silly, but I got angry. I almost cried, which is silly, but true. So anyways, I went about cleaning up and the speaker for the morning (one of our managers) came in to say everything had gone well and to thank me and I said I was glad, but I was a little upset ... why? ... someone stole my muffin! Such a silly thing to bother him with, but I did. Later on, my boss was in the kitchen as I was loading the dishwasher and I told her too (I told you, I was upset). The funny thing is, they both assumed the same person did it - there's a man in our office who is notorious for sneaking food the moment someone's not looking. What got me though, was that I had put at least 6 muffins in the kitchen, and I just wanted that one chocolate chip muffin.

Well, my day went on, rather uneventful - that is until lunchtime. First, I got news that my dear friends Kevin & Natasha got engaged last night (WOOHOO!) and then came back to my desk and found a Tim Hortons fruit smoothie - and a chocolate chip muffin! My boss is SO sweet!!

But that's not all, I walked down the hall with my muffin to show my coworkers, when the manager who had spoken that morning walked in with, you guessed it, a chocolate chip muffin!

I laughed SO hard, I fell against the wall for support. It was just one of those "God, thanks for seeing ME and showing me that you care - even for my silliest 'wants' ".

Then tonight I was out with a new friend and as the coffee shop closed up, they offered us free muffins! No chocolate chip ones, but I'd had enough of those today anyways!

My boss was extremely supportive of me today and kept raving about my work and how I really relieved her of a lot of stress with coordinating this morning's event, that was an encouragement! Especially because I did it by myself (it was a really small event) and I was able to show her that I can do it - normally one of our other bosses helps (and that's appreciated, but it is nice to know that I'm capable - and that they see that I am).

When I came home from work I heard the boys from upstairs playing outside, so I went and watched as they raced each other up and down the driveway. They kept coming to give me hugs and high-fives, SO cute! Tysen, now 5, is in elementary school and probably won't do it for much longer :( Silas was incredibly adorable today, he came up for a hug, backed up, puckered up and gave me a kiss, then gave his hip a shake, threw his hand in the air and strutted away! He probably won't want me retelling that story, but at 3 years old, he's just so stinkin' adorable! Wyatt was inside with Mommy. Those boys melt my heart!

And finally, tonight I met 'my soul sister'. Her and I share a mutual friend, Laurie, who suggested we get together and chat. We did - for a solid 3 hours. We have a ton in common and had a really good chat and we both confidently believe that God brought us together. Praying for her tonight and all that she shared. Such a great girl!

Today was simply a good day for my heart. Encouragement, free food, hugs, kisses and a new friend.

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