Thursday, October 20, 2011

grocery shopping

Tonight I had the night off and so went to run some errands, like getting groceries! I've been so busy this week (working 2 hours overtime each day) that I haven't had time to make meals and have been eating out too much. So much so, that I feel gross and am longing for grains, vegetables - and yes, even fruit.

As I was putting groceries away I spotted a bottle of vodka I had in the cupboard and remembered something I learned at work yesterday. I was at a seminar and seated at a table with a lady who works for a vodka company and apparently, vodka is to be stored in the freezer. So I promptly placed it in the freezer and spotted a bottle of creme de cacao. Of course, that bottle couldn't just go untouched, so after the week that I've had, I grabbed the bottle, poured some in a glass and mixed it with milk, and sat down to enjoy an episode of Being Erica.

Tonight feels like a Friday, so I have a feeling that getting up and going to work tomorrow will be difficult. I'm glad for tomorrow though, because after the week I've had my boss has insisted that I take the afternoon off, which I will oblige - although I feel a little guilty knowing that she's working so hard. But since she's my boss, I guess I have to listen, right?

Time for bed...soon.

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