Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On Sunday, October 17 I celebrated a milestone: 5 years ago, I arrived in Hamilton, Ontario at the home of my friend Matt at approximately 11:30 pm. I had been travelling for 3 days by train, through the Rocky Mountains, with a stop in Jasper; through the prairies, watching the deer graze as I ate my breakfast; through Northern Ontario, as I fell in love with the province I vowed to never visit. Little did I know that the little town of Ancaster, a suburb of Hamilton, where I arrived 5 years ago would be the place I eventually called 'home'.

As I've said many times since my arrival, "never say never".

Here's a look back at some of what has happened over the last 5 years, I categorize them as "memorable" and "lessons learned":
  • started attending Church on the Rock
  • worked at Blessings
  • had Maeghan and L.A. as roommates
  • worked at Sobeys
  • met, and became best friends with Laura
  • spent Christmas with the Burke's
  • started dating Kyle
  • applied for college
  • worked at Subway
  • moved out on my own
  • stopped dating Kyle
  • was introduced to Camp Cherith
  • quit Subway
  • started going to college
  • met some crazies, and some gems at Mohawk Christian Fellowship
  • started working for the college
  • had my first birthday in Ontario and reminisced on a year gone by

  • learned about the issue of human trafficking
  • went home (for Christmas) for the first time in 14 months
  • started dating Charles
  • worked at Mohawk over the summer
  • went with Josh to 'assist' in picking out a ring for Laura
  • was asked to bein Josh & Laura's wedding party
  • went back to Cherith, worked on maintenance staff
  • was asked to be in Gen & Brad's wedding party
  • stopped dating Charles, the man I thought I'd marry
  • got a national scholarship
  • started Sanctuary with 5 girls that would become like sisters over the years
  • met Jeff & Shirley
  • went home for Christmas for the second year in a row
  • graduated from college, as an honours student
  • finished my job, reluctantly, at the college
  • worked in an art gallery for 2 weeks as a co-op student
  • started my career at Group Eight Engineering
  • went to BC for the 2nd time in a year, 3rd time since moving to Ontario
  • hosted my parents for a week visit

  • helped at one of two garage sales in support of IJM, raised $400
  • stood up for Josh and Laura at their wedding

  • moved, with my landlords, to a new home
  • stayed in Ontario for Christmas
  • flew to Switzerland for Dani's wedding and to meet Natascha and Anouk
  • stood up for Brad and Gen at their wedding

  • witnessed Tyler proposing to Allie

  • celebrated with Amanda when she announced her engagement

  • held our "An Evening for Awareness" event, in support of IJM - raised over $1400

  • stayed in Ontario for Christmas, again

  • celebrated with Tom and Lauren as they announced their engagement

  • celebrated with Rob and Sarah at their new years eve engagement party

  • began a year of dozen+ weddings:

  • celebrated with Brandy and Mike in January

  • celebrated with James and Emily in May (also, Dave and Jenn were married this month)

  • stood up for Tyler and Allie

  • crashed Amanda and Jordan's wedding

  • stood up for Tom and Lauren (also, Jared and Breanne were married this day)
  • started going to a new church, Eucharist Church
  • prayed for and thought of Karen and Pete on their wedding day

  • celebrated with Jenny and Tyler and then Rob and Sarah on the same day in October

  • quit my job at Group Eight

  • celebrated my 27th birthday, started a new job and went out for dinner with friends and a crush - all on the same day

  • wrote a ridiculously long blog post that only highlighted some of the big events over the last 5 years... there is so much more that has happened that it can't fit into one blog post

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  1. Wow, its really been five years since you moved there, wouldn't have thought it was that long ago. Though, as of October 24th, I've been at the same job for 5 years as well.