Saturday, June 05, 2010

my (canadian) grandparents

I rejoined facebook and completely forgot/lost time to blog.

Tonight I got off the phone with my Nanna and she had sad news, my Poppa has to go in an old age home. She wanted so badly to have him move home (he's been in the hospital), but the health carer providers won't allow it because she is in bad health too and would not be able to take care of him, to the level that he needs; they are also not willing to install all the equipment required to make their home suitable for him to live in. My Nanna, who does not show her emotions very often (a 'wonderful' trait of our family...not), started to cry when she told me. My heart broke a little for her.

I love you Nanna and I am praying that they (whoever they may be), find Poppa a care home that is very close to you.

Love your adoring granddaughter,

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