Thursday, May 06, 2010

someone has to say it

A 13 year old child bride dies after her sex organs rupture.

Franklin Graham is uninvited to the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer Event because he spoke out about the 'horrid' acts of Islam.

Women are still being subjected to female genital mutilation.

There are of course many other issues we need to speak about, I just felt the need to make others aware of what is going on in the world of Islam as we sit silently by and allow them to censor us - South Park is not a show I watch and if I did, I doubt I'd enjoy it, but if there's one thing to know about SP, is they don't censor anything, they push the limits and they make fun of EVERYBODY. That is until this.

When are we going to stop sitting back and letting others take over our world?

Don't believe they will? Watch this:

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  1. Hey Niki,
    I agree that Islam does have issues, and it does seem to be under this blanket of protection where it is impossible to be critical of them at all even when every other religion/colour/anything is free game. However, the video you have on this posting is not all that accurate, it would seem. Check out what is said about it at:
    I'm not trying to pick apart your position or shout you down. I guess I just am very wary of hyperbolic arguments that are designed to scare more than inform, and this video has always struck me as an example of that.