Saturday, May 01, 2010

what a week(end)

It has been a crazy week.

I'm back at work now, although still not on Reception (maybe sometime this week).

Thursday was a "Welcome Back Amanda" party at Beth & Mike's and a ton of fun to see all our friends - that group is growing like wildfire; 4 weddings yet to come and 2 pregnancies announced this year. Wow.

Friday was the incredible "Be A Voice" banquet dinner in Mississauga with Lauren, Tom and Laurie. The dinner was in support of Canada Fights Human Trafficking and was very well put together. Lots came out of it, including dreams for our own Sanctuary group to put on another event, a REALLY BIG one this time.

Saturday (today) was "Doors Open Hamilton", which was kicked off with a pancake breakfast at the dutchies church, Rehoboth. We got to see a lot of cool sights (except McMaster - you suck), including The Studios at Hotel Hamilton. I seriously want to rent out a studio to live in/work in. Trying to figure out if that's at all possible. It would be amazing, downtown, and a block or two walk to some great places - Farmers Market, Mixed Media, the Portugese cafe (don't know the name) and close to work too.

I have had a GREAT week and tomorrow is yet to come. Sunday, a beautiful day of fellowship and worship at church and hanging out with good friends in the afternoon.

I'm so happy I'm feeling almost 100% better. Life is great.

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