Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tuesday night IN

It's Tuesday. I'm supposed to be doing a lot of things tonight: homework, cooking for tomorrow's lunch, homework, that sort of thing.

But! I came home and had not one, but two HUGE packages... my birthday present from my parents has arrived! So I've spent the last while unpacking it and rearranging things in the kitchen to fit my new gadgets (24 piece tupperware set, technically 48 if you count the lids and 49 if you include the way cool tray they all fit into), two new frying pans that required assembly, an egg slicer, bowls and a kitchen scale! Also, my dad sent me a way cool camera...Matt will have to teach me how to use it! And my mom also sent some other things, including a knitting basket complete with patterns, needles and yarn!

I'm just really excited and needed to post. Now I have to go do my homework.

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