Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a buttered monkey

We had class again tonight and good news! I passed my first (of three) big test with 90%! I set myself up for disappointment and I was overjoyed at the outcome, woot!

So many things are going on in the next little while, really exciting stuff! This weekend (Friday/Saturday) I'll be volunteering at Acquire the Fire in Hamilton. I haven't ever volunteered at one and I haven't been to one since 1998 when I went to one in Seattle. Should be fun! Monday night we're having another Stampin Up! party at my house, first since July so it'll be nice to get back into it. Also next week, Karen and I will be starting taking water fit classes a couple times a week, get some (much needed) exercise. Then November brings Bethany & Mike's wedding, a craft day with some ladies from work, a ladies event at the church, a house warming party at the Tilstra's and lots and lots of Christmas card'ing'.

This week has been wonderful: Dinner with Mrs. LeaKer at the Mandarin on Monday; tea with Nancy K at my house last night; and I enjoyed a tea with Shirley tonight after class. Tomorrow brings small group and then ATF this weekend!

Life is good, God is better.


  1. Is your monkey buttered?!!? I know that is a totally personal and intimate question, but I think I 'need' to know, after last night! ;)

  2. lol at the buttered monkey! OK so I sent you a happy birthday email to your mohawk account since that is all I have, but I don't think you got it :( Give me a call when you have a chance and we can get together!