Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bridesmaid x4

Today I am going bridesmaid dress shopping!! On June 12, I will be in Tyler & Allie's wedding. I am SO excited!

The only downer about that is, Jordan & Amanda are also getting married that SAME day! What are the chances??

It's been cool watching Allie and Tyler go from being strangers to friends to dating and now engaged and planning their wedding. This is the first time I've been in a wedding where I've seen the whole thing happen, right from the start. It's really neat! When they first started dating Allie asked me to commit to praying for them every day and while I must admit, I have sometimes forgotten, it's been cool to be part of their journey.


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  1. Busy, busy girl! Why is the post (2nd below this) titled " buttered monkey " ?
    I was reading some of Hillary's posts and woke right up. Facebook was putting me to sleep. :P
    love ya!!!

    : pallat