Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sometimes I do that...

I was at work on Thursday when I heard a guy on the radio say that he intended to lose 90 lbs this year and I thought "hmm, nice idea...I really need to shed some pounds too". Then I realized that since I've been working I've been drinking much more coffee and hot chocolate since I pay into the 'coffee fund' which is a monthly deduction that gives me unlimited hot drinks from our super fancy coffee/espresso/mochachino/mmm mmm goodness machine. I really don't need the drinks, nor do I need to spend money (about $15, I think?) on it. So I called the accounting office and asked them to remove the deduction from my pay.

Then as I sat there and thought "wow, that was a quick and painless decision", I thought about my brother's upcoming wedding in Switzerland and how I was sad I wasn't going to go...

Then I just decided, "heck, if I can make decisions that quickly, then I'm going to Switzerland" (bit of a different scale, in hindsight).

I talked to my co-worker who would have to adjust her vacation schedule to suit mine (she had already volunteered to do so) to make sure it was still okay, and within three hours I was at home and on the phone booking my ticket.

I'm flying to Switzerland on May 21, arrive May 22 and go to the wedding May 23 and stay for two weeks.  Then, I come home on a Thursday night and am back at work on Friday morning... something makes me think I should plan my decisions a little more-but HEY, I'M GOING TO SWITZERLAND!!

It's been (nearly) six years since I've been
I get to meet my brother's girlfriend of 7 years
I'll meet and play with my niece endlessly
I get to spend quality time with some of my loved ones, Grossmami, Claudia and Albert, Esthi&Urs, Susi&Werni, and Walti&Rita, Peter&Maya, and all my cousins - Mischo, Andrea, Marko (maybe??), Adrian&Gwendolin (and the kids who I've never met) and Philipp... I'm REALLY excited



  1. That's awesome, Niki!
    I'm so happy you get to go, I hope you have a fantabulous time!

  2. I wish I was rich, then we'd all go! I know you'll be glad you went.