Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here's the story of a lovely lady...

A friend wrote in a survey that her biggest fear is to turn out like Mrs. Brady and here I am-that's one of my dreams. I mean I don't remember Mrs. Brady that much, but I do remember thinking I'd like to be like her when I grow up.

I'm starting to grow up!

Yesterday was a day off because of the Family Day holiday and I had so much fun. I napped a lot, which I think is very unlike Mrs. Brady-but I needed that. But also, I mended 3 pairs of dress pants (okay, 1 was done a few days ago), a pair of pajama bottoms and a sweater. I hand washed 2 dressy sweaters and did 2 loads of laundry. I made myself THREE meals, with fruits and veggies! (even at breakfast - I had banana slices). I did a couple loads of dishes (thanks to all the cups and plates from Sunday's post-church lunch, and the reason I didn't wash them then was because I was going on a roadtrip, remember?), put everything away and.... I taught myself to cross stitch.

Yesterday was fabulous.

Today I was back at work and that was less fabulous, but not too bad.

AND... I renegotiated my payment terms on my student loan and decided to up my monthly payments-which means my loan will be paid off in 11 months, instead of 3 years. YAY.  This should also help eliminate spur-of-the-moment road trips to Sudbury that would've likely cost $100/piece for gas, food and entertainment. So, I tighten the belt for a year and I'm debt-free. I'm pretty excited about this.

Now I'm making dinner, catching up on e-mails and making my grocery list because my landlord and I are going grocery shopping tonight (yahoo! ... I don't have to walk home).

Life is good.


  1. Yeah, I've always wanted to be like Mrs. Brady too.

  2. :P ants always cracks me up.
    Well, you did talk about wanting several sets of twins, but I never related that to Mrs. Brady. I guess it wouldn't be a bad life, she had a housekeeper/cook.
    Kudos for doing needed stuff and learning new things!

  3. I think Sarah said that because everyone would call our family the brady bunch like it was a bad thing. We were 'too' perfect. We were just really good at hiding how crazy we really are :)