Monday, February 16, 2009

road trip!? - Cancelled.

This morning I was supposed to go on a road trip to Sudbury with a couple friends to, uh... take a picture of us in front of The World's Largest Nickel. We're weird, we know. It was supposed to be Dave, Tyler and I. You may remember Dave from such adventures as theatre & dinner in NYC or lunch in Montreal. Tyler, well, he's new-so you likely wouldn't know him.

Like most typical Sunday afternoons we were sitting in my living room talking about deep religious things ... not. (although I wish we discussed spiritual things more often, surface stuff can get redundant). Anyhow, we were talking and like most long weekend Sundays, we decided to go on a road trip. Sudbury was the destination, the nickel was the reason and of course for Dave's benefit we'd have to find a good restaurant "will travel for food" and then there was the science centre too.

It was all planned out, everyone went home so we could sleep early, since we were going to be leaving about 2:30-3:00 am. I slept from 6 pm - 2 am and woke up to FIVE flashing messages on my machine (I don't get that many in a WEEK). Apparently something happened with Tyler's family and so we cancelled the road trip.  So I called Dave at 2 am, talked to him, fiddled around on the computer and went back to sleep and got up around 7:30. We didn't have a roadtrip, but I got sleep.

A good start to a civic holiday.

Today is Family Day and so I get the day off. It's probably a good thing we didn't go to Sudbury, I have some work to do and I'd like to mail out some birthday and thank you cards.

And besides, I got to update my blog! :)


  1. We have pictures from a trip my mom took as a kid to see that very same nickel, so I totally know what you are talking about. Enjoy your day off!

  2. Join us for a walk if you like :) It's beautifully sunny out!

  3. Love ya; parcel is on the way. It's a bit heavy, if you need to pick it up at the P.O., get someone to drive you there.