Friday, February 27, 2009

Niki is... emotional

At work it's not so much the world's economic downturn that is putting a strain on everyone, but that does not mean our office is not experiencing uncertainty and troubling times of it it's own.

In October our firm's partners (owners) decided to sell their shares to a much larger company, making us the 80th office of Trow Associates, expanding our small business of 35 people to 2000+, worldwide. This was a time of much uncertainty for many people in our office-but we held on and although it's been a bumpy ride with many growing pains, we're getting through it.

Our staff on a more personal level have been having a hard year...

TJD went on long-term disability
DLT lost his uncle
DGC lost his sister-in-law
I lost my grandpa
Two long-term employees (since the 70's/80's) retired
LM lost her father, a week later lost her uncle (father's brother)
TC (one of my favourite co-workers, and one of the few who is genuinely friendly), quit
CC has to fly home for her aunt's funeral
Today, HP announced he was leaving-effective immediately. He just walked out the door

Finally when HP announced he was leaving, I burst into tears.


  1. Did he give a reason for quitting or did he just leave? That's kind of weird.
    Hang on there, girl. Hopefully things will settle down for you at work.

  2. Wowzers, sounds like he had a crisis of sorts. I'm sorry the nice co-worker left. Was this one nice too?
    As pants said, hang in there. We'll pray for you and your workplace. XO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!