Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Hearing Stance

Rest. Have margins. Rest. Take time for God. Rest.

It's a message I've been hearing a lot, especially this last week. Sunday our pastor started a series on MARGINS (having them ... in other words, taking time for important things-like God). On Monday my dad sent me an e-mail about taking time for prayer. Tuesday an e-mail was sent out asking people to take time to fast and pray for a grade 8 in our church who has a brain tumour. Today my devotional reading was about being silent before God. Here's the story:

This morning I was too rushed (and sleepy) to remember to read my devotional before I left the house, or even on my way to work. On my lunch break and coffee breaks I looked at my devotional sitting in my purse, but "had other things to do".

Finally as I took the bus home from work I opened up my devotional and read this:

"This morning, before the daily commotion begins, find a place where you can be very quiet before God.  Relinquish to God as an offering the things that fill your mind.  Offer yourself as well, and listen.

Picture yourself before God's great throne.  Imagine him in his holy temple  Is anything impossible for God?

Let his Spirit speak deeply to your heart.  What is he teaching you?  Do you need forgiveness?  Ask him.  Does praise fill your heart?  Sing.

Keep silent before him and full enjoy the presence of the Lord God.  Get yourself into a hearing stance, and he will surely give you the very words of life."

That was a slap in the face. BEFORE THE DAILY COMMOTION BEGINS ... and the first time I found even bothered to open a book (not even my Bible, but just a book about God, period) was once my ridiculously busy day was half over.  I fit God in between the end of my work day and my evening plans.

As I sat on the bus and listened to people around me I wanted to cry out in shame, seeking forgiveness and yet wanted to sink back into my seat, fearful that anyone might notice my behaviour.  I wanted to shout out, asking people to please just be quiet-for a moment, before the God of creation, who just wants to spend a moment with you.

Today, I was ashamed. And humbled. Humbled to know that God knows my faults, he knows every bit of me - and chooses to love me anyways. What power. What love. What acceptance.

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