Friday, January 02, 2009

Will the celebrations never cease??

So much partying. Seriously.

Christmas was a doozy.  A good one, but definitely a whirlwind.

This week has also been ridiculous.  I worked full days Mon-Wed, even though our office was 'closed' because there was still tons of work to do.  Because we were officially closed it meant I didn't have to answer phones and I could do a lot of other things-like filing.  Yippee-i-ay.

Wednesday was new years eve, I went to a friends' house (my old roommate, Maeghan's, actually) and celebrated (read:  had an hour nap at 10:30 pm) new years.  Yesterday was new years day and a group of us went skating, although I didn't go because the zamboni poked holes in the ice right when Shannon and I were going to trade skates and I was going to go out, but that's fine because I got to go today instead! :)  Also, after skating last night we went to Shannon's in Caledonia and had fun with Matt, Kyle, Tim, Shannon's parents and her grandparents who were down for a visit. THEN, today was absolutely amazing...

Started off with a skate (for free! like yesterday, both sponsored by Tim Hortons) with Laurie, Miriam & Peter.  Lunch at Mir's and then Lauren & Tom showed up and we drove downtown to pick up some cd's I won at the country radio station (woot!).  Since we were downtown, we drove to Dundas and had coffee at the cutest little coffeeshop, called Village Bakery, explored some stores, went to an art gallery-but best of all, went to Horn of Plenty which is an AMAZING store that sells fair trade stuff, so clearly I had to buy some.  I bought a fair trade purse and chocolate (mmm!!) and they had "I support fair trade" buttons and brochures for free, which we all took gladly to display to others.  Then we went out for Thai food and ventured back to Beth's house were we met up with Beth & Mike (and I saw Beth's sister Esther, who I know from Mohawk...) and we watched (finally) the Dark Knight. Great (intensely creepy) movie.  Now I just got home.

GREAT week.  

And tomorrow I get to see Josh & Laura and a bunch of other friends because it's a going away party :( for J&L who are being posted to Valcartier and Alex who is moving to BC.

Sunday will be hang out at Wendy's and then back to work on Monday.  I still haven't planned that Christmas shin-dig with church ppl...maybe we'll just have a fancy dinner for no particular reason some other time this month.

Crazy life.  Crazy excited girl.

OH!!  And Darrell is coming for a visit and will be here in 3 weeks!! :D

*very thrilled about life*


  1. Great to read you're thrilled about life. That's wonderful. If you can handle the fast pace, go for it. I'm tired just reading about all you did. Good idea to have an after Christmas dinner get together with your church friends.
    How did you find the Fair Trade store and do you know of any out here?
    Still getting driving lessons?? I guess I need to call you :P

  2. so do you schedule in time for breathing or do you just sneak it in between your other crazy events?