Saturday, August 02, 2008

(some of) my (summer) life in pictures

She looks a little uncertain yet, but here she's only a couple days old, so I guess I'd be a little wary too. Welcome my newest niece:  Anouk
My oldest brother Dani and his daughter, Anouk.
Today my friends and I went for a photo shoot ... here are just a few pictures (literally, we took more than 600!)

This is me and Laurie, she seems to be staring at the orchards.
Here are some (yes, some... there were more) of the desserts from last Saturday's dessert party:
A few of my favourite people:
More from the photo shoot.

This was me saying "But I don't want to stand in front!"
Look Ma, no legs??
These are three of my favourite people. I have many favourite people, but I have the blessing of meeting with these three (and 2 more) weekly for prayer and Bible study. These girls rock my socks.


  1. Nice pics. How did they come up with the name Anouk? It almost sounds like a stereotypical Inuit word.

  2. It is an Inuit name, it means 'bear' ... not really sure where the name came from, but I've heard when she's upset she sure lives up to her name ;)

  3. Beautiful song lyrics from Paul Brandt!
    C. printed the posted photos and brought them to Grossmami's place on G's birthday.

  4. Niki
    Hope all is well your way. Thanks so much for coming to visit last week. It was great to get some catch up done, we have to do it again soon!

    I hope you got your Amish Friendship bread that I left with the wonderful new baby upstairs! I also dropped off the dins that Gen and Brad had.
    I was hoping to see you that day, but I didn't call, so nobody knew we were out and about!

  5. Phliki: I need to steal your photoshoot pictures off of you!

    Also, congratulations on the niece!

    A couple that used to go to my church also named their daughter Anouk..