Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm a passionate, passionate person. I'm discovering that more as I grow older and encounter more causes and grief in this world-things that need passionate people.

This morning I was catching a bus to church and saw a sign for Abortion in Canada that stated that women in Canada can have abortions up to 9 months. NINE MONTHS. That stirred something in me that my mom had taught me about many years ago, killing is wrong and babies are babies from the day they are conceived. My heart broke as I thought of friends and former classmates who have had abortions.

Last night I had friends over for a dessert party and talked to them about Plan Canada and how my goal is to raise $1,225.00 for a scholarship for a girl in Burkina Faso. In my small group of friends we raised more than $100! Really, this is my goal and I just invited my friends to come along for the journey. (Last year we bought birth rights for 5 girls in Sudan, also through Plan Canada).

Over the last couple months a group of us girls who meet weekly for prayer and Bible study held two garage sales to raise awareness about human trafficking. We'll soon be writing a cheque for International Justice Mission for $400!

Tonight I was looking up mission trips with Operation Mobilization.

My friend Darrell just got back from a year working at Black Forest Academy with the organization Janz Team Ministries. This is a dream job of mine that I hope to pursue in the not-so-distant future.

At my church I am the Head Teller (fancy name for the person who organizes people to count the offering and oversees that ministry) and I co-ordinate our Men and Women's Mentoring program.

I'm passionate about working with youth and encouraging young women. Particularly issues that most young women face:  identity, beauty (or lack thereof), acceptance, love versus lust, purity, social acceptance, self-image, suicide. That is why I absolutely love the To Write Love on Her Arms ministry.

Every Sunday I read PostSecret and after crying over their secrets that I share, I pray for our lost world. So many hurting people who need Jesus!

I love camp. Camp Cherith and Camp Kawkawa will always have special places in my heart.

I'm not writing this to say that I'm a good person. I'm writing this because I don't know what to do. There are so many things in this world to care about and to advocate for and some days I just want to curl up in a ball and say "NO MORE! I don't have the energy." Today is one of those days. It was a great day and this whole weekend has been amazing. I love my friends and I love that so many of them selflessly give of themselves to others and share God's heart for this lost and broken world. But sometimes I feel as though I advocate for so much that I just don't have the energy and I'd rather just be one of those drones who lives day to day. Obviously, that is not what God has called me towards and He's given me this heart for ministry and love and passion for a reason, but some days it just exhausts me.

Today I'm exhausted.


  1. Hi
    Thanks for posting this up, it is encouraging to read it here at IJM HQ. Have you heard of Gary Haugen's latest book called justcourage ( He continues to be inspiring for all Christians to seek justice, Lyn from IJM HQ

  2. I give it two or three years before you are professionally an advocate, or a fund-raiser or something like that. I think what you need, and will come in time I'm sure, is to pick a focus. That is something that has plagued me lately, just trying to decide where to focus. Yes there are many good causes, but you can't help them all. When you find the thing that you want to focus on, then I think you will knock it out of the ballpark! And you may not have posted this to show you are a good person, but I wnat you to know that I think you ARE a good person. No one is perfect and I know you have your share of doubts and mistakes, but despite that, you are a good person, and I'm glad I can say I am your friend.

  3. Lyn: Great to have you stop by. I'll check out the book recommendation, thank you!

    Darrell: Thanks for your encouragement, I too am glad to call you friend.

  4. I'm grateful that if something terrible were to happen to me, or if there was some medical concern, I would be able to have the final say over what happens to my body.
    I also believe Morgantaler saved lives, not took them.
    I do not believe in abortions after more than a month.
    I do not believe that Canadians can have abortions up to nine months, I think you should make sure your sources are correct.
    I do not believe in abortions as birth control.

    But, I'm grateful to live in the 21st century.

    I'm fearful of the church down the street from me with pictures of fetuses on it's front lawn. I think some things are just uncalled for.

    However, I'm also grateful that you are able to voice your beliefs in such a public forum. I'm grateful for free speech. I'm grateful for difference of opinion. I think it's interesting. I just couldn't help comment on this one point. But I respect you for your ability to have such strong faith. It's rare these days. Sometimes dangerous, depending on the religion, but I think faith is a positive thing.

  5. Hello Anonymous:

    The stats I received regarding third trimester abortions was from the website which quoted the Therapeutic Abortion Survey, Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2004 Out of the total 100,039 abortions in 2004, detailed records regarding gestational age were recorded for only 39,874. In that number, 35 abortions were recorded at 25-33+ weeks. I did more research and discovered that the majority of clinics do abortions to 24 weeks and will only do abortions for severe 'abnormalities' or psychological reasons.

    I appreciate your comments as it's encouraged me to dig deeper and find out more about abortion. Sadly, I've come across too many statistics that reaffirm my viewpoint.

    Thanks for your comment and I will do my best to research my points BEFORE I post them. Sometimes my passion gets me to the keyboard before it should. :)

  6. You have always been full of life and passion, beaming your beautiful smile at people. Even as a baby you brought joy to seniors as you smiled at them. You bring joy to us, as your parents and I'm proud to have you as my daughter! Hugs and kisses!
    Rest in our Father's arms, let His strength sustain you; He knows it is too much for us.
    You remind me of what I need to want in my walk with God.

  7. Mami, thank you SO much for your encouragement. You are wonderful and inspiring. I can't wait to talk to you now that you're home.

    LOVE you!!


  8. Mami, thank you SO much for your encouragement. You are wonderful and inspiring. I can't wait to talk to you now that you're home.

    LOVE you!!