Wednesday, August 06, 2008

mmm ... sleep?? yes, sleep.

What a whirlwind of a week - and it's only Wednesday! Sunday night my friends (Dave&Wendy) and I decided to drive to Montreal ... for lunch. So we (err, Dave) drove all night, got in at 3:30 am, had a *nap*, drove around downtown with Wendy's aunt and looked at the sights as we tried to see the sights in a couple hours, only getting out of the car to look at one look-out point for about 30 seconds and to eat. Lots of food. We had poutine, then we drove. We picked up bagels (at this ridiculously awesome place where we could watch them making them ... soooo cool), we drove some more. We stopped in at Chenoy's for smoked meat sandwiches, drove back to the house, had a quick chat while Dave napped and then we were back on the road. Just over 24 hours ... reminiscent of the trip Dave&I took last October to NYC, NY for dinner and a show. I only wish I had known my camera was stuck under the seat!! :(

Yesterday I came home from work and got to hold the newest member of the household, Silas Anthony (born Saturday night)! :) As I was giving back to "mom", my phone rang so I ran downstairs and within 5 minutes was out the door to go to a friend's for dinner... got home late again as the 'boys' decided to go to Home Depot and well, 3 guys + 1 niki = an amusing trip.

But today I feel loved. Perhaps it's because of some things going on with male friends ... but it's just encouraging to feel loved. No, I'm not dating anyone! There are just a few guy friends who have said some things to me lately that have reaffirmed who I am in Christ and where my joy comes from, very good to hear.

Oh, and another pic from our photo shoot:


  1. Another newborn, ahhhw, enjoy, they grow big so fast.
    A small taste of Montreal. "Fastfood" style :) Sounds like you're having fun and loving life.

  2. That is the 3rd newborn of heard of in past few months being named Silas. I didn't like it as first but it's starting to grow on me.

  3. Love how that picture is edited. Nice work.

    Also: You went to flippin Montreal?
    You're crazy..

    We still love you though.