Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day 2 Part B

So in the middle of writing that blog post we got in another argument. :( I got really worked up and adrenaline was pumping so fiercely that my head began to throb, and even now 8 hours later my head still hurts. I've decided one thing:  I'm getting into counselling when I get home. Conversations with Mami helped me to realize that there is so much more at play when it comes to emotions than I understand. The arguments that my brother and I have are so trivial, yet mom thinks they're based on something much deeper, more significant. Through tears we talked about some of my childhood and drew some connections as to why I respond the way I do. This really hurts and my heart aches for a healthier relationship. I don't enjoy this and yet I don't know how to fix it, not on my own.

In much happier news though, I went to Revolution at CLA-Maple Ridge tonight and saw Joy! It was a really cool service and I actually met a guy named Johnny Limbarg (??), who knows one of the worship leaders at my church-and apparently played at my church about 10 years ago. Crazy. Too bad I wasn't around back then...although I definitely remember 10 years ago, heck that was only 1998, which (I don't know about anyone else) seems ridiculous to me. I'm not supposed to remember things from ten or more years ago-that's what 'old' people do, I'm not old!

Oh, and the two following things happened at the Rev tonight and I can't decide which is funnier...

option a)
*music blaring in the sanctuary*
A kid in front of us 'busts a move' and the girl beside me asks "how the heck do you know this music?" 
his response is something I would've never expected:
"whaddya mean how do I know this? It's Aretha Franklin! I'm BLACK, of course I know this!" (the black is in caps because of how emphatically he said it)

option b)
At the beginning of the service the pastor asked if there were any newcomers and if so, where were you from...
"maple ridge"
"ontario" "whoa-ontario? all the way for the Rev? That's awesome!"
So as we're downstairs chatting, a kid comes up to me and holds up his fingers in some sort of gangster/'cool' fingerlock twists and says "yeah!!! Ontario rocks!" 
I smile and say, "oh are you from there?"
he says, "no, but you are-and that's awesome!!"

haha...this evening made for a good end to the day.


  1. yes! there is one child in BC who knows how cool Ontario is ;)

  2. Cole it is Johnny Lambert. It was great to see you and definately call if you need to talk. Love you.