Thursday, May 29, 2008

selling again??

Tonight the landlords put in an offer on a house. If accepted, the mad-rush of house cleaning, (painting??) and house hunting begins.

This is how it's all going to happen...

If they get the house they're looking at, then this one goes on the market (with me in it, again). Then they transform the 1st floor of the new house (with a fireplace!) into an apartment. Then I move in.

If they don't get this one...well, we don't know what happens then.

All I know is I have to spend much of this weekend cleaning up and purging my apartment of junk for the garage sale.

The garage sale is a city-wide event in Caledonia that happens the first Saturday in June (which I will be away for). My friends and I are selling a bunch of our stuff and our talents (that is, photography and baking) and raising funds for the I AM COMING campaign.

will write more later...


  1. Niki, a vital 'part' in this house, built in babysitter, friend, baker and year around sunshine;Too good to be left behind.
    Where is the house they bid on?
    :) See you in a few days!
    PS. Kandy said that you can stay at her place too, if you'd like.

  2. It was just up the street (again), but they didn't get it :( Someone put in an offer that got accepted, just before theirs!

  3. Well, then it wasn't meant to be. Maybe there's something better coming up!

  4. Aww that sucks they didn't get the house, but like your mom said -- something else will come up!

    When do you get here, Niki?

  5. I'll be there on Tuesday!! :) I get in around 1 pm (ish) :)