Monday, May 19, 2008

found some journal entries...

January 3, 2008 (written back home)

Thoughts from home. It's always easy to remember the negative in a situation, so I'm going to try for the opposite. I'm going to, in no specific order, write down all the happy memories from my surprise Christmas visit in '07.
  • Kandy picked me up from the airport, without suspicion!
  • my 'nieces' were happy to see me, better yet they remembered me
  • Mischo gave me a big hug when he saw me
  • Mami squealed with joy at my surprise
  • Papi didn't want to stop hugging me
  • Uncle Peter gave me a great big hug, genuinely happy to see me
  • Nana was thrilled
  • Papi made everyone laugh while playing with the girls, "I stole your belly"
  • Mischo was willing to give up his room!
  • Papi gave up his office for a week :)
  • Ryan took me out shopping on Boxing Day
  • Ryan and I continued our boxing day tradition: ice cream @ DQ
  • Shanon came over for a visit, my first day back
  • Papi and I spent 2 day shopping, great deals!
  • I bought myself a luggage set for $80 - 5 pieces!
  • Mami & Papi bought me a beautiful purse from Mark's
  • I babysat Summer on Friday-we baked with Shanon
  • I made dinner and had fun being domestic
  • hosted a dinner party for Shanon, Kandy, Nana & Papa
  • learned how to bake meringue, mmm
  • had Rob L over for dessert, the night of the dinner party
  • played "I have never...", learned interesting facts :)
  • saw tons of people at church on Sunday
  • went for lunch with Courtney & Jessica 
  • met Rob C's new family-his wife and I played rugby together
  • visited Bronwyn
That's where I left off, I think because I was on the plane and really tired. It was a good trip. I'm glad I reviewed that, before I go back to BC in a couple weeks.


  1. WHAT i'm on the bottom of the list i sure hope i'm not the least important hehe kidding. Glad things are going good. everytime i drive by the post office i'm like i wonder if mom's working. oh well hope to see you next time your in town again.

  2. This time you'll also get to see your nephew, and hold him and talk to him and....He's so sweet.

  3. At least you made the list Bronwyn. Some of us didn't even make the list.

    So Nicole, make sure that we actually see each other next time you are in town, and maybe give us notice before showing up so we can make sure we are free.

  4. they're song lyrics (in my blog)