Thursday, May 15, 2008


I hope pictures come really soon, because my friends and I were at an AMAZING Starfield concert last night in S.C. Amazing. I was THE closest to the stage, and at any point could've reached out and touched the lead singer, Tim... but thought that would be a little awkward (didn't stop the 14 year olds beside me though). I loved it, and the worship element was incredible.

SO good.

I was tired this morning. Who goes to a concert on a work night?!?


  1. They were the ones who were playing when the stage collapsed in Abbotsford last month. I guess they contiued with the tour.

  2. Yeah they were, and they prayed for the three seriously injured people by name and have developed relationships with each of them-learning about them and praying specifically for their needs.

    Very awesome, and a powerful testimony was given by speaker Dave Nasser about his experience that night and lessons he learned from it.

    (guess I should've elaborated more on my post instead of posting such a big comment)