Sunday, June 01, 2008

Self-image + Hollywood = bad combination

I've finally figured out how to put video on my blog! (yay for copy & paste and an extra YAY for Hillary and her amazing blog posts).

My friend Hillary posted this about a year and a half ago, and self image is something I've really been dealing with lately. This is an interesting video and explains a little bit about why some of us women have a really hard time dealing with who we are and being accepted 'just as we are'.


  1. Woah! Um, hi! Thanks! :)

    Shoot, girl, I wish I knew you were looking to do that, I'd have helped you out! But extra yay for you for figuring it out yourself! :)

  2. I was actually going through your archives to find your first post about swing dancing because my friend Shannon (link on my page) has started swing dancing in Vancouver and the similarities between the two of you struck me incredibly ... I think it's only a matter of days until you find each other! :)

  3. Yeah, really! Talk about fake. Everything is so fake these days, from smiles to body parts to images...
    It seems many guys know its fake, (Pamela Anderson) but still fall for it. Go figure. I guess they can be fooled with their eyes open.
    Lets hear from some guys that aren't like that.?