Friday, February 15, 2008

stupid phone

This actually just happened...

Phone: *ring*
Niki: hello?
Voice: I'm sorry, that is an invalid response. Please press 1 now to speak to a live operator...

What a silly world with the stupid automated EVERYthing!

Last night I had friends over for dinner & snacks and some games. Tonight I'm going to my friend Lauren's boyfriends house in Cayuga. He's my friend too...our friend Tom. It may just be four of us, another person I've never met will be there-but I'm SO happy to get out.

Twice today I teared up because of stress. I have this ridiculous cycle that goes something like this...
Niki is bored
Niki commits to too much
Niki gets stressed
Niki cries
Niki withdraws
Niki is bored
Niki commits to too much
Niki gets stressed
Niki cries
Niki withdraws

I want to break the stupid cycle! I'm at the crying stage...but will not withdraw for a few reasons:
  1. I'm stressed because I overreact to situations
  2. I have a long weekend to relax and work on things
  3. School is almost over
  4. Withdrawing will do the following
  • let people down
  • make me depressed
  • put me back in the cycle
So instead, I will take a DEEP breath, enjoy my evening tonight and tackle some stuff tomorrow, a little more on Sunday, and Monday-which is a holiday out here (Family Day).

I think I seriously just overreact. And overcommit, but that's in my nature and I don't want to hear anyone tell me to back out of stuff or give stuff up-because I won't and then I'll be angry at you and I don't like being angry, because it's just one more thing for me to stress about.


I wonder if I'm an auntie yet? Be kind of fun if my little nephew is born on Family Day! :)

Today is my 2 year anniversary of living in this basement! I'm working on commitments in my personal life-and I've accomplished a's been a long time since I've stayed put for this long.

On Monday I was diagnosed with anemia. I've been so busy I have yet to pick up my prescription...hopefully tonight on the way to Tom's, or tomorrow after Bible study.

Also on Monday my package from my wonderful Mami arrived! It took me until Wednesday to open it-stupid schedule!!

Okay...I feel like if I keep posting that I'm just going to hear it about how busy I am, so instead I'm going to go and have a drink (water or juice, don't worry!) you guys.


  1. i love you, maybe we can be anemia buddies, unless i'm being a hypochondriac, which is possible. read my blog i posted like 4 days in a row! Have a good reading week! I'll call you tues or wed or email to touch base and we can hang out ok?

  2. I can totally relate to having little time and lots to do. You do a lot more than me, but when I was young, I had more energy! I won't tell you what to do, you know it yourself and so far you've been doing great.
    I'm glad the parcel arrived. A friend at work sent Grossmami a parcel before Christmas and she only got it a week ago!
    No baby yet, the due date is on the 18., so not late yet. Have fun tonight. XO

  3. Ha-HA!
    I found The Blog.
    I'm so proud of myself for remembering.

    I didn't know you were going to be an auntie! YAY!
    We seriously don't hang out nearly enough.

    PS: I enjoy that story about the phone call you got. That is so ridiculous.

    ♥ I want to fileo you ♥

    - Lauren