Sunday, February 10, 2008

prayer corner!

I know once in a while I need pictures in someone's blog to see what their life is like wherever they are. I'm going to bed, but I did promise some pictures of my newly created prayer corner. These are from the first days, more has been added in terms of wall 'schtuff', but here's an idea of what I've done to my prayer corner. It is von-der-full!


the corner
the wall
the candles
the basket (full of prayer requests)


  1. Why do girls like candles so much? There are so many better ways to have fire...

  2. Girls light candles to enjoy a pleasant scent, boys light candles to hide an unpleasant one. :) That's a line from a comedian.
    Very nice! What a great idea. I suggested it to your dad, that we don't really need a TV. It's not like we have time to watch it anyway.
    Do you manage to keep your mind from wandering when you pray? Pretty much everybody seems to struggle with that.

  3. What a great idea Niki!
    It looks like a great place to pray!
    You are always so good at your prayers, and keeping us all in touch with where we need to be.
    You are such a great friend Niki! God has given you a great heart!!

  4. It somehow looks neater than it did this morning lol