Saturday, February 16, 2008


These are from Christmas in Ontario. More to come! :) But I don't want to go all crazy blogging on you...a little bit at a time. :)

Action shot! Bottom left-to the empty chair: Matt, Laura's hair, Josh, Dave, Dan-pretending like he doesn't like pictures, Wendy, Jeff's face, Shirley's forehead, Kristy is in there-really!, Amy, and Paul.
Group shot #1, slightly unsuccessful at looking 'pretty'.
Laura, Jeff, Kristy, Amy, Paul, Dave, Amy
Shirley, Wendy, me, Josh, Matt
Josh is trying to bite my ear. oh yeah, and Dan is taking the picture. 
Gingerbread house! I got lazy by the end and just slopped a bunch of icing on the back and threw candies on it...can you tell?
Paul can't control himself, "must. have. candy." Notice the wee little gingerbread house? That's the garage, apparently.
My sweet little manger set, and huge candle...
Dinner settings with seating arrangements-surprisingly a challenge! (picture with flash on)
Sideways shot of my door with my pretty LED lights...

Table shots


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  1. Wow you have a huge place! Perfect for parties.:)
    Since you like being a hostess, you may do any hosting that needs doing at our place, when you're here.