Sunday, February 17, 2008

homework=blogging opportunities

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Ontario, called Family Day. This is the first-ever, and it's perfect timing... I'm so happy for a break! Mind you, I'll be doing tons of homework, but it's one extra day to do it and I was able to enjoy my weekend because of it. Awesome.

Friday I went to Tom's house with Lauren and some other friends and man, we laughed. Well, Lauren and I did anyway. Hilariousness ensues when the two of us get together... "scruffy faces". Seriously, if I laughed like that all the time I'd be so skinny, burning so many calories. Thats it Lauren, I need to spend more time with you so I can lose weight. haha!

Saturday we went way down south...ish. To Thorold, to Garrett's place. I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name-but I did learn how to pronounce his full name, and he doesn't have a middle name. I also know Peter, Mike, Amanda, Miriam, and Lauren's middle names. I'm crazy like that, what can I say?

Oh and before our Saturday evening adventures, we had Bible study at my house in the morning. It was good. So good. We read Titus and discussed the traits of elder's, women, and Christians in general-a very high standard. We also digressed, a lot, as is usual. Good talks though, I value my time with these wonderful women. We always finish our prayer with the song "Sanctuary", this week we did it holding hands (as usual) around a heater (not as usual, as most other peoples' homes are not igloos). I also learned a new method of prayer: ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication). Cool.

Then today was church which was awesome. A number of times this week God has given me the same message in different ways...
Story 1:
Yesterday with the girls we discussed how at Chapel @ RUC, the speaker/pastor/guy spoke about Onesimus in the book of Philemon and the relation to slaves and masters. This morning our pastor spoke about Onesimus as well. A very random story in a little book-twice in one weekend.
Story 2:
This whole semester our teacher Mrs. Ivanchenko has spoken about "Lessons from the Geese", in relation to teamwork, which is kinda neat (and incredibly random) in itself. Last Tuesday was our last lesson. (for lessons go here) THEN...on Wednesday at Life Together, completely unprovoked and totally aside from our regular study, the host of our group played a CD that outlined the exact same story. Weird!
God is good. SO good.

In other totally non-spiritual or uplifting news, my home is an igloo. Seriously. My hands are ice blocks and my legs are icicles. I've been drinking coffee to a) stay awake to do homework and b) to TRY to warm up. Not doing so well...maybe it's time for bed?

Finally though, as tired as I am from life, I've been getting extra bursts of energy for things that matter-I AM COMING/Human Trafficking, love, good friends, investment in good friends, family, God, informing people about things that matter, getting involved, being real, love!!! (by the way, that was in no way listed in importance, just a bunch of random things coming out all at once). Kudos to my good friend Lauren for her encouragement and inspiration...although she doesn't think she's very inspirational, I think she is and really isn't mine opinion the one that matters? JOKES! But seriously, her passion is contagious.

I want to post pictures but I don't like the way blogger is working and not letting my cut and paste another day, dear friends.


  1. Hi Bub,

    Hey thank you for the pics! Always nice to see who my goyle is "hanginwid".

    So is there anything that can be done about the heat in your apartment? Could the landlord direct a furnace vent in your direction or install better weather-stripping around your doors and windows? Make summer?!?

    Well it's real late, drop thought I'd drop in a say...
    I LOVE YOU!!


  2. ..."drop thought"?!?... what the heck is a "drop thought"... see I told you it was late...

  3. I'll sell my company as a Weight Loss Program.
    I'll make millions.

    Garret's name is spelled with only one 't'.

    Bible study this week was awesome.
    I'm such an emotional suck. Ah well. Good times with good friends.
    God times with godly friends.

    I'm excited that I can be inspiring! I've never had that before, so I suppose I feel honoured and don't know what to do with it.

    I love you very much and look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
    Give me some more details or something so I know where to be when and with which vehicle (if I need my van or not).

  4. What no comments about shopping?? Scared ya didn't we!
    Love you, hope you have a great week!

  5. aww, sorry Robyn...I totally had it on my mind, apparently there was just too many thoughts in my head all at once!

  6. Your dad was inspired to comment, wow! What a happy, positive post, except the Igloo thing. Need to send that package!
    I hope you can get more heat in your place!
    Since the North American weight loss industry is making lots of $, I've thought of some ways, one, tapeworms in a capsule :) the other, switch places with a starving person in Africa, they'd gain weight, while the other person would live off the excess and loose weight.
    Neither would catch on I'm afraid, it's a thought. As your dad would say: "Drop thought." :)

  7. Thorold is NOT way down south - that is where I moved from. It's only 40 minutes away, girl :) BTW, would you like to use my heater?