Friday, February 22, 2008

boo! Sick...

I've been really good at fighting colds...until now. I have been sneezing non-stop all week, in my sleep, in classes, in tests...and I just don't have enough kleenex. My nose is sore from using toilet paper, stupid cheap stuff that school has, but even when I use real kleenex now, my nose is so tender it hurts. Bad! Gosh, my 'nose' hurts real bad...

I just finished writing my mid-term for Active Citizenship...started studying last night at 10 pm, and I think I did alright. I'm not sure about the written parts, but the multiple choice I'm pretty sure I scored perfect, it was so easy. I also just got back two written assignments and considering her criticism in the past of my writing, I was really happy that there were no comments, and I got perfect on both! One was worth 15% and the other worth 5%, so I'm content with where I'm standing in way of marks for this class right now.

I need to go do my accounting assignment, which is apparently due today. Go figure. ... Pray for patience in this class as there tends to be a lot of shouting and anger with a room full of angry women. ... Pray for safety is perhaps a better request!

Oh yeah, and pray for health. I'm really hurting. Please. Thanks.

Will update about bowling and other fun events later...right now I have too much going on (which of course is why I'm BLOGGING...sigh)

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  1. Angry women? A room full of 'em? That is scary! Why would there be anger and shouting in an accounting class? Kleenex is a paper product, paper is made from wood, hence, your nose gets sore when you have to wipe it a lot. If you don't want to use cloth hankies, try 'puffs' and moisturize your sore parts, Vaseline works well, it helps my hands!
    I hope you get better soon! If your place is cold, viruses love it, they'll thrive.