Monday, February 25, 2008

reading week...

So I'm on reading break now...I just finished a book. Figured I should probably do some reading to live up to the name. It was Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland and wow. He's a really great writer, but sometimes my head just swims after reading his work, like today.

Also today I finished my Career Planning Project. I think I may have overdone it. Our teacher didn't say how long it was to be, but mine ended up being 9 pages, plus a title page, sources page, and appendices-making it 21 pages. oops. But there are a lot of charts and graphs and it looks really pretty. I hope don't lose marks for making her mark so much. At least now I have a better understanding of my career goals and what I can do to achieve them, as well as what I can be expecting for a salary and benefits. Good project. Now I have to write a cover letter for one of the jobs I chose (you needed to select three job descriptions and formulate a career plan around them), not sure if I want to do one for the entry-level or mid-level, I feel like I would be competent in both. It's not like I'm really applying, as these jobs are in Mississauga, and I don't have a car. Or a full license. Yet. So, just have to make up my mind.

My friend Robyn made a comment that I didn't write about our shopping here it is. Last Sunday after church we went to the mall and spent oh...4 hours there, I think? It was Robyn, her husband and two boys, Amy, and me. I got a new pair of shoes that I wore in the volleyball tournament this last weekend (more later) and...a business suit!!!! :) I needed to buy a suit anyway, and we were having mock interviews in one of my classes, so I wanted to have the suit for that. It went really well-I was one of the only people the teacher didn't criticize for the answer given (ironic, considering I had an answer for nearly everybody else's question, but my own). :) So yay! We had fun shopping, Jason is quite the ladies-wear connoisseur. ;)

Week recap:
Feb 19 was Laura's birthday, but because she was in Texas we didn't have our usual date night. Instead I worked on a group assignment.
Feb 20 was LT as usual...I was really tired, and so I left early (have been doing that for a couple weeks)
Feb 21 we went bowling with the Mohawk Christian Fellowship. It was a lot of fun, it was nice to just let loose, not stress about silly things, and have fun being a poor bowler. We got to see some friends out who haven't been around for a while, so that was a nice touch (ahem Lauren ahem Tom ahem *cough cough*).
Feb 22 was Friday and the last day before reading break, woot! I left school early and in the evening, went out for sushi with Laura, Josh, Connerty & his girlfriend. Sushi is not too bad-so long as you don't tell me what I'm eating and I don't eat the raw stuff. Except the fish eggs that were in one of the rolls I had that Laura told me about afterwards (smart woman!) It's probably not something I'll eat on a regular basis-I burped sushi burps for two days afterwards, but I can now say I tried it.
Feb 23 would have been Saturday and what a great day it was!! It started out early with b-fast @ the Egg and I with Lauren, Tom, their friend Dave, and Phlete. We played in a volleyball tournament to raise money for a missions trip and we actually won a couple games. woot! After the games we went outside to play in the sun. The guys (+ Garret who missed b-fast) played what we have dubbed the 'butt game', while Laurie, Lauren, and I had fun making shadow pictures and doing a photo-shoot. Then they came to my house (I bribed them with swiss chocolate...little did I know they would've come anyway ... j/k) and we played a silly gender game. It was fun watching the guys squirm. Then we said goodbye and I resigned to do homework. Alas, Lauren & Tom saved me when they called to see if I wanted to go watch a Bulldogs hockey game with them. So I did. It was a lot of fun...sadly brought back a lot of Charles' memories, kind of making me confused about stuff, but all in all it was really good.
Saturday was a long day.
Feb 24 was yesterday and was full of church. There were some good things I learned, and some hard ministry things that happened, so let's just leave it at that.

Today is Monday and I'm doing homework. all day. how fun. I'm going to write that cover letter, then do an itinerary, draft a project plan for my teammates and I think that'll be all for today. Maybe do some MS Project.

I also need to buy toilet paper, quite desperately. And do some laundry at R&L's down the street. Not today though. Tomorrow I'm having a girly night with my friend Robyn! yay. :)

phew. I ate shepherd's pie (made with pork) and now my tummy feels funny. Not so fun.

Oh, and I'm STILL not an auntie. Smart little fella, staying in where it's warm and safe as long as he can. I hope Kandy is doing okay-she must be getting exhausted and ready for this to be done.

Long post.


  1. Your post WAS really long. I'm gasping for air. Yeesh.

    I had a grand weekend, it was great to spend so much time hanging out with you! Finally!

    I'm just paying for it now though, because I'm ridiculously exhausted. Blah.

    Ohhhh, Mondays.

    I'm so happy it's reading week.


  2. Hard ministry things, eh? I can sympathise. That would sum up the past two months of my life in many ways. Hoo-ray! (That was some sarcasm, in case you were wondering) At least you had some fun volleyball games, and new shoes.

  3. I had to wait 'till this morning to read your long post. :) I worked ot yesterday morning and last night too, that made it a short day, a bit short on sleep too. Today I have to go out, tomorrow too. Haven't packed, but I have some things all ready.
    I hope dad's advise was helpful. Sending you a biiiiiig HUG!