Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've so enjoyed this break so far. I've done tons of homework...but I can sleep WHENEVER. Like today, I slept through the night, did homework, had a nap, more homework, had dinner, going to bed. It's great.

This amount of sleep has made me realize one crucial thing: I am in NO way ready to have a child. Sleep is good.


  1. i just wanted to mention that i went and read some of your old posts (from the beginning of the blog) and I am not even mentioned until march 24 06! Everyone else is there prior including jo, al, josh, kyle, ellen, pete, michelle for example, but no mention of little old me. I am assuming of course this is because you liked me so much you just assumed everyone knew about me from something other than this blog. ;)[ps i enjoyed reading about how you decided to stay in ontario]

  2. Laura...seriously? It's probably because I just assumed everyone knew about you. I apologize! I wrote about Pete & Ellen before you?? weird! Not that they're not cool...but I don't ever talk to them. I mean, ever!

  3. um...why are you even thinking about having babies? aren't you a few steps away from that at the moment? putting the apple cart before the horse? apple pie is tasty. I also like peach pie. The Presidents of the United States of America did a song about peaches. James A. Garfield was a president who was assassinated. Garfield is also the name of a cartoon cat. Garfield (the cartoon cat) was started in the seventies. Disco was popular in the seventies. People in the seventies referred to each other as 'baby' quite often. You are still a long way away from having a baby. Don't put the apple cart before the horse...