Monday, December 03, 2007

mmm, fed and ready for bed!

It's only 7:30, but I'm getting ready to go to bed-I am SO thankful that I no longer work in the evenings.

I just uploaded a couple pictures from the last week and thought I would share them with you:

Little did I know my friend Kyle (no, this is NOT a LeaKer) was going to actually smile nice for the camera!...

So the next two pictures raise an important question...

do you think I'm addicted to baking?

What's with the size difference in the crackers???

I realize that there are a ridiculous amount of cupcakes, but I had a reason: Tutor Appreciation Day. And they really did appreciate the cupcakes, so regardless of how much work it was, it was worth it! :)



  1. Yep, you definitively like to bake. It's a good thing you can give it to other people! We just had a bakesale at work. I bought some gooood things. Cinnamon croissants, squares, nanaimo bars with coconut, some round ( like a ball ) concoction, with chopped walnuts, addictive! If I made that stuff, I'd be 300 pounds and a diabetic.
    I see the name- Niki- on the apples.

  2. Sounds like you still manage to keep yourself busy, lunching with presidents and baking for small armies. Good work.