Friday, December 07, 2007

7 Things...

7 [random] things about me you may or may not want to know:

1) I keep all my letters and notes from friends
2) Two times in grade 8 I kissed a boy who wasn't my boyfriend
3) I would go to bed every night at 8:30 if I could
4) I have a very difficult time breathing through my nose
5) I'm envious of people in relationships, while at the same time thankful I'm not in one myself
6) I make my own Christmas cards
7) I don't remember Bible school the way my friends do, and that scares me

Those were random. About #2, I regret it. both times.


  1. Ah kiddo, live and learn. Most people are not that forthcoming with such things. That was still pretty tame, you were innocent and at that age girls want to be liked by boys. You learned quickly that it's not the way to do it. Look at you know! You're making good choices, are independent, getting your schooling and are finished soon. Have lots of nice friends, great support around you, just move forward and leave old regrets behind you.
    I don't remember the boarding school like any of my classmates, they hated it, I liked it. So does that make me weird? You're nostalgic and a packrat, like doing crafts and make people happy. Why does it scare you that you have different memories? We're not all the same and that's OK.

  2. OOps, it supposed to be- look at you now!

    My bed time I think!

  3. How do you remember Bible School? With aliens? Cuz I remember aliens. And the mummy. Plus that gang of moose..s...meese...moosen. In the woodses, the woodsen.
    Good times, good times.

  4. Wha!?! KISSED TWO BOYS IN GRADE EIGHT...WELL SHAKE MY HEAD AND QUACK LIKE A DUCK!!! Good thing I didn't know about it... probably have strung up the little varmints and grounded you for the rest of your life... in fact...YOU'RE GROUNDED NOW!!!
    Now go bake me some cookies!!