Tuesday, December 11, 2007

kind of cool

I just got an e-mail from the coordinator of the Peer Mentor program, asking if I would come to the training session of new mentors next week as a guest speaker! As far as I know there has been about 6 or 8 of us invited for Tuesday's session. Pretty cool, eh? The fun part is I know at least a few potential mentors that will be at the training.

other stuff:

Last weekend our pastor met with one of my friends and they decided that since I like baking so much they would see if I would be available to do "some" baking for one of our upcoming services. I'm now making approximately 300 cookies for next Sunday. I have about 100 done-so I'm doing pretty good, seeing as I've only done two batches and I have another batch of dough for sugar cookies still in the fridge, ready to roll out.

I've picked my timetable for next semester and I get Wednesdays off! Now I'm faced with a dilemma...do I take the whole day off, or do I stay committed to leading the Christian club? I'm feeling kind of discouraged about my efforts for the Christian club, it's just nothing compared to it was last year when Tyler led it-he did such a GREAT job! I trust that God will work in spite of me, but I just want to know if I should keep doing it, especially now that I have a day off. I'll spend some time in prayer trying to sort that one out.

My house is cluttered. I need to do a major overhaul. How does this even happen?? So much junk. So I'm working at sorting out which textbooks I'll need for next semester and which I can get ready to sell. At least that will free up a little bit of shelf space and I can unclutter my tables.

Also, I'm still sick. I would like to just stop running in every direction, but I'm in the middle of exams. I've finished my two easiest exams and now I'm in trouble. Tomorrow is Excel which is basically math and I don't like math; Thursday is Access, and some complicated features; Friday is Accounting. I really need to not stress about them, because I WILL BE FINE. Even if I were to fail every exam, I would still pass-and wouldn't drop much below Deans Honour. wow. At least that allows me some room for error, but for some reason I set unreasonably high expectations of myself. Those expectations might explain why my brain shut off last Thursday and hasn't allowed any new information to process. It's the weirdest feeling sitting in class and hearing material, but not understanding anything for the first time in your life. Also very frustrating.

It's almost all over. I think I'm going to have some milk and cookies and not think about anything else. ...good luck with that.



  1. You have high expectations of yourself, would have never thought that :P.

    Good luck on your exams!

  2. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Niki, you need a break! That will help you conker this cold.
    Our prayers are with you hun! If there is anything we can do, we are here for you!

    Hugs from our house to yours!