Friday, December 14, 2007

sleepy...who would've thunk?

EXAMS ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaaah. (sigh of relief, not a yell) That feels SO good. My last exam was accounting from 3:30-5:00 today. Our teacher let us stay as long as we needed to in order to finish writing. She realized that 90 minutes wasn't enough for such an intense exam. It was 19 pages long and there was SO much adding up and transferring of numbers and recording and...I'm so tired.

On the plus side, I finally understand accounting! Tonight after my exam I went to a finance meeting for church where the budget was presented and gone over in detail. It felt so good to sit there and understand what they meant when they talked about the implications of the church 'corporating' and why different things were tax-deductible and others weren't, and the importance of recording information in specific areas. I even made a couple suggestions myself! :) Wouldn't of ever thought I'd be able to contribute to a finance meeting, but now I can. haha suckers. :P

Tomorrow morning is the Nominating Committee meeting. Yet another thing I'm doing this year...but this is only a few meetings before it's all over. Basically we select the Vision Team (in other churches, Board of Directors) from our Partners (Members) list and present it at the AGM (I think), on January 10. It's going to be explained tomorrow morning over coffee & breakfast. Looking forward to getting to serve on this committee! It's really cool having people trust your judgment and believe that you make wise enough decisions they want you to help pick the leaders of the church (essentially).


You know what else is cool?

MY EXAMS ARE DONE!!! and I'm going to bed. :)


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  1. Congrats! Stay positive and don't sweat the unimportant things!! True beauty shines from within and you have a smile that lights up a room! You're a beautiful person, so very loved and we're proud of you!
    xoxoxo mom