Thursday, November 29, 2007

homework avoidance

I really ought to be doing homework right now, but don't want to. I have an assignment for Advanced Word which is easy enough, Excel which is also bearable, but the homework for Accounting is UGH! It's interesting how my accounting class is definitely my hardest, and I probably have my highest mark in that class, currently anyway. After reviewing my test marks and making some assumptions about participation marks, I'm headed into the final exam with a VERY HIGH average. That, to me, is ridiculous! My hardest class and you wouldn't know it to look at my marks. I don't really want to hazard a guess, but suffice to say that my highest mark so far is 117.5% (yay for bonus questions; extra yay for me actually getting some!), and my lowest is a does that happen???

So the President's lunch was great! I'm glad I dressed the way I did, I was both not too fancy, and also not underdressed (nor undressed, which would've posed a much bigger problem!). We sat around a big oval table with nameplates and all, and ate off of REAL plates with REAL cutlery, eating REAL food. The emphasis on reality? Generally school functions include pizza, pop, and napkins. This was fancy ciabatta sandwiches, salad, veggies, cookies, coffee, tea, water, pop, served on ceramic plates with metal-like cutlery. It wasn't crazy fancy, but it was better than pizza sitting on grease soaked napkins. After lunch we went around the table and everyone (the five other recipients and the senior leadership team) shared what they enjoyed about Mohawk, a little about themselves, and what they would change if they were president. I jokingly suggested they turn up the heat-a common complaint from students, the school always takes a couple weeks to adjust to the weather. More seriously though, I suggested they improve the Prior Learning Assessment program to ensure that students who have previous learning (academic or on-the-job), actually KNOW about the possibility of skipping ahead a year-which I would've benefited from in a huge way! Oh well, if it hadn't been for having to go through both years, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to:

-get the scholarship
-be a student leader
-have the p/t job in the PTC
-have the f/t job over the summer
-lead the Christian club
-have incredible marks, yay easy classes!
-meet new friends and actually develop relationships
-network with people in the administrative field
-tonnes of on-the-job experiences, reinforcing classroom learning
-volunteer opps

And lots of other stuff too! It's been good and I'm thankful.

Now I need to go back to my homework...but first, me posing with my award from the president's lunch:


  1. great work Niki!
    I hope you got your homework done, and you are feeling better.
    Hope all is well with you, and can't wait to see you on Sunday!

    Hugs from our house to yours.

  2. How's the homework going? Are you enjoying the snow? Making snow angels? Sledding? Skating? Stay warm!