Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 19-July 31

So apparently it's been a while since I posted. Many things have happened...let's see:

I've rejoined my independent "I hate Sobeys and want to quit" bandwagon, and regretfully still have to work there. My tuition is paid off, only one more semester left! (then there's the whole ATTENDING classes thing I still have to do all year). The summer students at the college went to Wonderland (Ontario's much larger version of Playland) last week, and got paid to do so! The whole day cost $30, and we get paid more than that (not much more, mind you) :P and it was tons of fun, and I got to meet a bunch more students. J&L, Charles & I went to Toronto-first time for me!! We did so much: Casa Loma (ridiculously huge mansion), Royal Ontario Museum-aka ROM, CN Tower (where I was kissed at the top of the world...*awww*, def. favourite memory of the weekend), Toronto Zoo and finally Science Center-all in 2 days. It was ridiculous-but so much fun!! This weekend we're going to the cottage! Tomorrow is shopping day, I've just finished making the shopping list-now all I have to do is find time to do my laundry, because I'm slightly slacking in clothes...how does that keep happening??

I think that's it.



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  1. How nice! Too bad you and Hillary missed each other, it would have been great if you could've met up. I've been on the CN tower, but your dad didn't like the height and went back down. Sounds like a a full 2 days! If I ever make it out there, you'll have to be my guide :) If I decide to run away, can I crash at your place?