Thursday, July 19, 2007


A girl at camp last week said "you know, I think I'm going to leave a legacy", while it was funny at the time (although she meant it in all seriousness), it makes me think about the kind of legacy I'm going to leave. I have a pretty good feeling that God has allowed me to leave footprints in a lot of different places on a lot of different people's hearts, and for that I feel SO blessed! I often wonder how am I going to be remembered...has my impact been a positive one? Have I demonstrated Christ's love the best I can as a human who falls short of His glory? I pray so.

The campaign that I'm involved with, I AM COMING is so important and I have so many ideas, but trying to put them into action seems to be an overwhelming task that suffocates me. My friend Tracey and I want to plan a concert for September as a welcome back gig for students, with an emphasis on the I AM COMING campaign, and to introduce the Christian fellowship to other Mohawk students. I want to create the declaration in print form and have everyone in my school/workplace sign it. My friends and I are going to organize (note: "we are going to", not "we want to") a walk to raise money and awareness, maybe downtown Hamilton. I have no idea how to do any of these things (well, okay, the declaration one is simple enough), but I WANT TO SO BAD!!!

These thoughts come because I'm sitting at home in my clean basement, woot!! and I'm left alone to my thoughts. I like days like this, but I also just want to cuddle up with my loved ones, drink hot chocolate, and watch fireworks.

Things I like:

throwing the ball for Rocky...and Chubbs I guess too ;)
babysitting the Ickert children
being mauled by my youth girls when I come home for a visit
the look on my little cousins' faces when I'm actually home for a new years reunion
conversations with my mom in the kitchen, drinking anything but apple cider
seeing the joy in my nana's face as she unwraps my scrapbook gift
watching my brother interact with his fiance's daughters
having a drink with my new brother and laughing at our dads
listening to worship music
the release that comes after a good cry
being held in the arms of the man that loves me
reading my Bible
singing campsongs at camp, and also not at camp
looking at wedding magazines with some of my closest friends
cleaning toilets at camp, HONESTLY
reading e-mails from people who are serving in ministry
phone calls & messages on my machine when I'm not home
smiling at strangers, and being smiled back at
the teenager who takes the bus with me everyday and who's so friendly
getting teased by my dad
visiting my grosseltern in Switzerland
writing on calendars
recording prayers in a journal, and seeing them answered!
the sound of my clock ticking
a clean bathroom
the generous people around me who God has blessed me with
the feeling that I've arrived home
babies and pregnant women
dreaming about my future with a specific person in mind
discovering my mom's paintings in the trunks of my grandparent's attic
my ability to love people
God's ability to love me

Honestly I could go on for days about all the things I'm thankful for and the things I enjoy...but I really do need some sleep. Thanks for reading.

*so in love with life*


  1. I love this post! Remember to look to God when things are difficult, if He wants to mold you, or your godly reaction are for the good of someone else. To me it doesn't mean being super sugary sweet, just decent and patient. Some things I let go but sometimes it's necessary to address a problem. Often it's misunderstandings that create tension, so make sure things are clear, like how much time you're expected to devote to each department...Remember all those things you're grateful for and that God does the work, if we're willing to be His instruments. I hope next week will go well.
    Nicole, call home :-)

  2. i think everyone's legacy should involve cheesecake. I'm just saying....

  3. I used to be thankful for scrubbing toilets... but that was my first job at Stupidstore - and I was thankful because I was getting paid.
    Though I never scrubbed camp toilets... so I guess I'll never know.