Tuesday, July 17, 2007

back home

I'm back from camp! Such a fun experience, once again. This year I wasn't in a cabin, instead I was on maintenance, which meant a lot more destruction and more time to talk to counselors and kids, which I wouldn't normally be able to do. I had some great discussions with some of the staff in the older division (it was girls week and camp is divided into younger and older girls for games and campfires). And, I got to tear down a cabin. Sweetness.

It's back to work now, I'm only working Monday & Tuesday nights at Sobeys, and I'm still at the college Monday-Friday. The beginning of the week (especially after a holiday) is a little rough, but the rest of the week is free and I loooove it! Wednesday I'm going out for coffee with a group of my girlfriends (including the newly engaged Laura!!!) and Thursday is drama practice for this Sunday...it's going to be a busy week.

Much love,
Nova (oh how I miss being called by my camp name)


  1. Aha, she's back! I was praying! Glad it was good. You must have inherited your demolition talent from your dad. :) Love ya, BIG HUG!!! and enjoy the free time!

  2. Sweet. I wish I was camping - Instead I have a job I have to do inside (grumble-grumble).