Thursday, June 28, 2007

soooo...i'm not rude AFTER all

I talked to the woman today that said I was part of the rude and irresponsible generation about what she said, and here's our conversation:

Niki: B, do you mind if I ask you about what you said the other day? I apologize if I've been rude, but could you...
B: Oh no, you didn't take that seriously do you? *awkward chuckle* I was kidding!
Niki: uh, oh...umm, okay.

Geesh! Some people have an odd sense of humour. We're getting along great now though. Now if only we fire that night cashier, I'll be a real happy camper!

:) Niki


  1. ?! How were you supposed to take that? Yeah, weird sense of humour.

  2. ...der, der now... ja seea... da fadda jus gotta make mention o d'fact dat maybe he wanna spik at her and righta awaya she be fallin' alova heaself regardin uddah circumustanzes n'such odda nonsense... I've got your back NicNac... neva feara..

  3. ... now I think I've got to go and apply some hand cream... all that knuckle-dragging across the concrete has left me feeling somewhat "chaffed"...
    Don't allow people to have so much control over your life Nicole. Sometimes they're just having a bad day, maybe something is bothering them and you just happen to be handy for them to lash out at... other times... they may truly be just morons. Surround yourself with good friends and companions and when the hard-times hit, just remember all the good people that really do love you...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!! Bad and hurtful people are just a waste of time & space... I really shouldn't say this... but I'm going to anyhow... "the only reason some people are alive is because its illegal to shoot 'em!"

  4. it's illegal to shoot 'em? Ah crud, that changes everything...
    the funny thing about humour is that it is extremely hard to pull off consistently well, and many people don't project the proper tone or attitude with their 'jokes', and that makes it hard for someone to pick up on the supposed humour. It largely comes down to context - if you don't know they would be joking and they use too deadpan of a delivery then there is no context for the comment to be found humourous and thus it is taken seriously instead. Happens to the best of us, and to some more often than others. Fortunately, it never happens to me :D Glad you got it worked out and are friends now. Good luck with that whole night cashier person (are you sure it's illegal to shoot 'em?...)(kidding, of course :) )