Tuesday, July 03, 2007

what a weekend...again

I got totally sunburnt. Gosh knows why, I only went for a picnic and a bike ride in the heat on Saturday. I was only sitting in an inflatable raft floating (or not...depending on the current) for 7 hours on Sunday. And then I only went to the beach for another 6 hours on Monday. I can't imagine why I can barely move my legs. Or smile.

AND I WORE SUNSCREEN. ow, it hurts to yell.

We had a lot of fun though...so many good memories, including a couple enagements...again! My goodness, when one does it, they all do. Oh, and a couple that "recently" (I guess it was about 7 months ago) got engaged also got married on Saturday. But that's enough about that...needless to say I'm EXTREMELY excited. Oh, and it's not mine. hahaha...rereading that I realized some of you hopefuls may have thought that...it's not. :P

I'm really tired and burnt and just want to rest, so I apologize for the short post.

Many hugs and loves to everyone!


  1. Hey, sorry we haven't been checking blogs too often. Yeah, we're enjoying summer too (except I'm working in a building for most of the day).
    Hope you're having fun :)

  2. Oh you poor sweetie, I really, really hate sunburns, hence, I don't stay in the sun long. I hope you have something to cool your skin! Vinegar is supposed to help. Aloe Vera is very healing. Stay in the shade for a bit!! Love you lots! XOXOXO