Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ahhh, life

Where to start??

Today was a whole mixed bag of emotions. Started off great, found out I'm going to be an auntie!!! YAY. Then I went to work...all went well until about 2pm when one of my supervisors (would you believe I least 6 supervisors who all want equal authority over me?) told me that I'm 'proof of the disrespectful generation we are raising'...I nearly cried. And the stupid thing is, just thinking about it gets me really upset! I try so hard to be a nice, outgoing person and to do a good job and then this woman says that I'm 'just like all the other irresponsible, immature and inconsiderate young people in the world today'. I thought I was better than that, I really did, and I'm very upset that I've given off such a negative impression. Moving along...I worked a little overtime at the college and came home to a letter which ended up bearing GREAT news. It stated that I had been nominated for the National Millenium In-Course Award which is worth $4000! I've only made it through the first stage of assessment, they'll be pouring over thousands of entries all summer long and I won't find out until September-however, I was selected from all the students at my school (they can nominate a few of us) to be one of the ones to go to the next stage, very exciting. Then...(I told you it was a mixed bag) I went to work at Sobeys which went by pretty uneventful other than the fact I was working with a bunch of teenagers who don't want to be there. The night cashier came in and was just overly rude and it was the last straw, the customers I were serving were shocked at her attitude and nodded in agreement when I whispered that I was happy to be done soon.

And now I'm home. I'm so exhausted from life I just keep crying at the stupidest things.

In other news, I have a new toilet! Also, Charles and I went to a yard sale of some neighbours of his (conveniently the Leaker's aunt & uncle) and others from the church and for $15 we filled his pick up truck. Like, literally. I got a new table & 5 chair set, a vaccuum cleaner, movies, toaster oven, dish set, picnic basket, blankets, picture frames, storage boxes, serving dishes, china, tons of mugs, spice rack, brand new hair accessories...I honestly can't even remember everything. It was awesome. And Charles also got a boat winch (or something??), and some picnic chairs-although they're stored at my place. It was so cool. Those two couples absolutely love us and one said in response to us trying to give them more money for all the stuff "all I want is to be invited to your wedding"...oh dear. I mean, obviously yes, she was instrumental in hooking us up, it was just funny.

Last weekend I went to my first ever demolition derby, pretty awesome if you ask me. But seriously boys, if you want to ruin your vehicle-why not just give it to me? I'm sure I can do a pretty decent job, and I might actually get some good use out of it beforehand.

Oh, I also met the Mattice side of the family at a Father's Day BBQ...not even going to try and sum that one up.

OOOH, our church baptisms were on Sunday (we have them once a year and we do them at a conservation area), and it was amazing. Super cool testimonies, an awesome witness and great community had by everyone. I love my church, it's so!

And, I continue to find people on will be the demise of our generation. Remember, that generation that is so disrespectful and irresponsible? Yeah, that one.

Anyway...what a day/week/month/...need sleep. now...



  1. the sad thing is that the majority of our generation is not the immature disrespectful one that older people always make it out to be. Yes there are a few people who make the rest look bad, but i could say that about any generation. Niki you are one of the most friendly people I know, and I know that you display excellent customer service, your supervisor was probably just having a bad day herself. Don't be so hard on you, you're pretty awesome :)

  2. Hugs again, miss you!! Laura seems very nice, a good friend! I find that I take people with a dry sense of humour the wrong way, actually, it's kind of a nasty sense of humour. Not funny at all.
    Congrats on the nomination, I pray you'll get picked. Keep enjoying yourself and stop worrying!
    Yes, you're pretty awesome! You've given us so much joy, we're proud of you!

  3. Yo!! Nikkaayy!!! (dark brown Sicilian voice follows...) dos ja wanna me ta come ova der and spik a toya da managa fer ya? Ima dinkin' phhaps when da faddr comalong and maybe spik a little piece ina hera ear... maybe she dink a two time regardin' my lil goil!!

  4. Ooh OOh, we want to be invited to your wedding too!!! :p