Friday, June 01, 2007



Centipedes or "hundred-leggers," are elongated, flattened animals, bearing one pair of legs per body segment. The actual total number of legs in most species is closer to 30 than to 100. Adult centipedes are usually brownish and over 1 inch in length. The house centipede, a species that commonly invades buildings, has long legs that enable it to run rapidly. Unlike millipedes, centipedes never coil up when disturbed.

Centipedes usually are found in damp., dark places, such as under stones, leaf mulch, or logs. Indoors, centipedes may occur in damp areas of basements, closets, or bathrooms, or anywhere in the home where insects occur. During the day they hide in dark cracks and crevices, coming out at night to search for insects to eat.

...And coming out at night is EXACTLY what the ugly things do! I came home to find...
1) in my pajamas
2) running across the kitchen floor
3) under my shoe once I decided I wasn't going to walk around barefoot, and
4) in the bathtub



  1. :) They're good for at least one thing, they make you call me :) Think some of your friends have given up on you writing posts? This weekend you have a little more time ;)

  2. Crazyness.
    It's that time of year. We have spiders. Not as many though.
    Though I was at a garage sale earlier today and they had a tarantula in a glass frame (not live, of course). I considered buying it, but then Kristine would freak out.

  3. Eww, there was a program on TV about tarantulas, people that buy them as pets and in Cambodia they eat them as a special snack, much in demand, the legs need to be crispy....eww

  4. atleast they arent earwigs yucky creatures I'll try and post soon just got back from the Carolinas

  5. by golly, Bronwyn's alive!!! :) looking forward to your post. :)

  6. Sometimes I'm alive gotta kick me sometimes teehee. anyways i've posted. good to hear other then your creepy crawlies your doing good aunt hanna's cottage is infested with mice so be happy its just little bugs haha they ate like huge holes into her couches and everything lol ooops

  7. Hi there... has anyone heard from Nicole???
    This is her dad (Tues. 5 June)