Saturday, June 09, 2007

just home from work...

Thought I'd post the high(low)lights of this week:

I joined a dragonboat team! So fun :) I'm racing with my school's team and we race on July 7. YAY.

I went bike riding today with LeaKer and wiped out...I'm hurt. ouch.

My dessert party is happening next Saturday, very excited! All the details are falling into place!

I need sleep. Goodnight.


  1. Good for you! Do you have the time to do more things? Grossmami und Grossvati sagen "Sali" und fragten wie es dir geht. Vergiss nicht, denk nach was du gern haettest, aus der Schweiz. Ich liebe Dich.

  2. sounds like the fun is outweighing the not fun. that's awesome possum!