Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was stressing about finances and I came home to find a cheque for $890.08 from the government! WOOT!!! It was SO needed and I can finally breathe again. *exhaaaaaaaale*

ah. Much better.

So quick recap of life. I'm working full-time at the college (although it's 35 hours so it's considered part-time, which means they don't have to pay me benefits, BOO!), Mon-Fri 9am-4pm doing administrative work. It's fantastic! It's hectic like nothing else, but it's really cool to be able to put into practice my skills and to experience a little bit of what I will be doing once I'm in the workforce. I feel like a real secretary with all the messages I take and relay to others, the e-mail accounts I have to monitor, the scheduling of tutors and tutees and being a huge part of the hiring process for our Fall 07 tutors and now, mentors (new program). There's so much scheduling and that's all just for one office, I also do work for 2 other offices, but officially I was hired to work in four offices (Disability Services, Counseling, Health & Peer Tutoring). It's ridiculous. But, I LOOOOOVE it.

Church: You all know that I'm heading up the tellering ministry now, right? Again, more scheduling-for morning and evening services. Also I need to try and find more people who are willing to be tellers so we can give some of our regulars a break. I think I'll also start doing night deposits (with Charles' help of course, I'm not going to carry around that much cash by myself even if it IS a good neighbourhood). Also, I was recommended as someone who would be great to head up another 'ministry' (I don't know what you would call it), but I've decided I have too much on my plate. It was very administrative oriented and had to do with establishing our church as a publisher so we could produce our own CD's and publish our own music. I don't know how much of this is common knowledge, so for those that go to my church or curious 'lurkers', I'll stop there. So busyness there too!

Camp: I'm going up for one week this summer! I'm not going to be a counselor though, instead I'm working in the kitchen, with two of my friends' moms, which should be a blast. On the May long weekend a group of us went to camp to do a work weekend and that was tons of fun, many hilarious stories about boys cutting up boats with axes and Niki finding dead mice and frogs in chlorinated pools and and and...Good times. We also saw Spiderman 3 at the drive-in, AWESOME. Not so awesome was the movie that followed, Ghostrider?? I fell asleep, I don't like creepy movies.

And the last 'C'...Charles & I are doing GREAT. I'm loving life and enjoying getting to know more of his extended family. This week he'll be going out to visit his sister, whom I haven't met, in Alberta for 6 days. I get to stay here.

I need to take a break and have some supper because I just finished work at the college and now I have to go to Sobeys until 11:30 tonight (BOO!!) and so I just need to relax.

Life is mahhhvelous. Ooh, and I'm having my dessert party on June 16th...I may or may not have already invited 142 people to come. heh heh....


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  1. Wonderful! What more is there to say? I'm happy you're happy :)