Monday, April 23, 2007

felt like quitting...getting better

Today at work SUCKED. My boss is like a mood ring that can't make up its mind. Happy one minute, angry the next, and boy will it hurt if you come across its path in a bad way. She just made me angry today because twice (at least) I asked her a question and she ignored me, and when she was about 15 feet away she calls back an answer, with her back to me, saying something like "you should know that", or "how am I supposed to know?". Just really stupid. One customer saw her do it and was dumbfounded; he said: "boy, I wish I could be that miserable". No sir, I don't think anyone wants to be like that, ever.

Last night though, was amazing! After church a group of us went to our new church property that we're fixing up and had an impromptu dinner there. Leaker brought his coleman stove, a couple girls brought hot dogs and stuff for s'mores and littler (not to be confused with littlest) Leaker brought drinks. I held a flashlight above the stove so we could see if our hot dogs and marshmallows cooked, before they caught fire ;) and everyone enjoyed some food. Oh, and Joey brought some sandwiches. Then we decided to put the coleman stove in the middle of our circle and we sang a bunch of camp songs, our own version of campfire. Leaker did some 'bridge' songs and then we transitioned into spiritual songs (I love the way Cherith does their campfire songs) and then we had a time of prayer and it was just a really awesome experience. God has been SO faithful to our church and to each of us individually, it was an awesome opportunity to just worship him. So cool.

Tonight I'm going to a finance team meeting for church, as the new head teller I get to experience these fun things. I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Maybe I should bring a notepad?

After work today, Alana and I went paint shopping and picked up a new paint for my stairwell-something less obtrusive than the nearly neon orange that's in there now. Much softer colour, so we'll be having a paint day next week hopefully.

Things are just crazy busy.

This weekend is Excalibur Leadership conference and next weekend Charles', his parents, and I are going to the cottage and then one week off before the camp work weekend. At least I won't be working at Sobeys any of those weekends, woot!!

Apparently my 'not-yet-niece' figured out how to dial 9-1-1 and so my parents had an unexpected visit from the police the other day...oh kiddies.

Well, I should go brush my teeth and get ready for this meeting that I'm not really sure about. Yay.



  1. Welcome back :) I'm glad everything else is going well, need to pray for that snarky boss. I have a hard time with rude people like that. XO

  2. Sounds like you have a bit of excitement coming up. I think my excitement tops yours though. You know where to catch up on mine.


  3. Hold on a second...
    Are you naming (or have you been named) after St. Bublucious (commonly referred to as "St. Bub")?